1. Dust to Dirt. Alien Crime Syndicate. Year: Alien Crime Syndicate - Take Me to Your Leader - Alien Crime Syndicate - What I Said - Alien Crime Syndicate - Do It Again - Alien Crime Syndicate - Pimpin the Land - Alien Crime Syndicate - Here With You -
  2. INTERVIEW: Alien Crime Syndicate Alien Crime Syndicate are off of V2 and back in control of their group (The Control Group)By: Alex Steininger "We can't sit around and wait for things to happen, we have to do it ourselves," says Alien Crime Syndicate's Joe Reineke, leader of the Seattle-based space-power-pop outfit, whose new record, Ten Songs in the Key of Betrayal is on drummer Nabil Ayers.
  3. The Crime Syndicate of America is a team of super-villains from Earth-Three, and are the evil counterparts of the Justice League of America. This team consisted of five loosely associated superpowered members who were able to largely conquer their world though they were never able to completely control it. With the lack of other superpowered beings than these five, the Crime Syndicate .
  4. Kick that switch to what we do Light it up, let it out, stir it up, turning dirt to dust Yeah turning dirt to dust Yeah, I need you baby, right there with me Love that way you make me wanna lose it, go crazy You know it gets me girl, when you dance like that You know it kills me girl, with your hands like that.
  5. Alien Crime Syndicate - "Dust to Dirt" - CD (Collective Fruit Inc P.O. Box Seattle, WA ) Imagine splicing together afovapsersejamopolynddemcairi.coinfo and the singer from Candlebox then having him front a band that listened to way too much Soundgarden and ‘80s keyboard fronted new-wave bands.
  6. Alien Crime Syndicate: Alien Crime Syndicate EP Alien Crime Syndicate: Break the Record Alien Crime Syndicate: Dust To Dirt Alien Crime Syndicate: From The Word Go Alien Crime Syndicate: XL From Coast To Coast Alkaline Trio, The: For Your Lungs Only Alkaline Trio: Goddamnit Alkaline Trio: Maybe I'll Catch Fire All About Chad: Down In Front.
  7. Top CD Stubs; Documentation Do It Again / Nice Ride: Alien Crime Syndicate and Oranger: 1: Break the Record: Alien Crime Syndicate: 1: EP. Year Title Artist Rating Unspecified type. Year Title Artist Rating Releases; From The Word Go: Alien Crime Syndicate: 1: Dust to Dirt: Alien Crime Syndicate: 2.
  8. Nov 15,  · the Seattle-based Empty afovapsersejamopolynddemcairi.coinfo were released as precursors to a dynamite debut album for the label, dubbed Greatest Bible Stories Ever Told. The A-sides, "Don't Let the Soap Run Out" and a reworked "Alex" found their rightful place on the aforementioned 12," but .
  9. Dirt Into Dust Lyrics: Not even time can kill me / I am the candle that burns an endless flame / I breathe the sand of your waiting / And all the darkness and hate that you embrace / Nothing can.

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