1. terminus definition: noun pl. -·ni· or -·nuses 1. a boundary or limit 2. a boundary stone or marker 3. an end; final point; extremity or goal 4. Chiefly Brit. either end of a transportation line, or a station or town located there; termi.
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  3. Terminus, (Latin: Boundary Stone), originally, in Roman cult, a boundary stone or post fixed in the ground during a ceremony of sacrifice and anointment. Anyone who removed a boundary stone was accursed and might be slain; a fine was later substituted for the death penalty. From this sacred object.
  4. 1. the end or extremity of anything. 2. either end of a railroad line. 3. the station at the end of a railway or bus route. 4. the point toward which anything tends; goal or end.
  5. Terminus was the fourth serial of season 20 of Doctor Who. It was the final regular appearance of Sarah Sutton as Nyssa, who parted company with the Doctor at the conclusion of part four. It was the second story in the Black Guardian afovapsersejamopolynddemcairi.coinfoor: Mary Ridge.
  6. Terminus, a location in Halo 4; also an achievement when the player finds it; Terminus is the name of the world in RPG/TBS video game Ash of Gods: Redemption; Terminus Series, a type of mecha in the anime series Eureka Seven; Terminus Systems, part of the world of the Mass Effect media franchise; Terminus, fictional city location in The Signal.
  7. In the Roman empire, a terminus was a boundary stone, and all boundary stones had a minor god associated with them, whose name was Terminus. Terminus was a kind of keeper of the peace, since wherever there was a terminus there could be no arguments about where your property ended and your neighbor's property began.
  8. the end or extremity of anything. either end of a railroad line. British. the station or the town at the end of a railway or bus route. the point toward which anything tends; goal or end.
  9. The movie follows the routine of a busy train station - London's Waterloo Station - making a brief yet important cultural portrait of s England, mixing reality and fiction. Plot Summary | Add Synopsis/10().

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